Is Travel in Mexico Safe???

Well if you're going to an all inclusive Resort and planning on staying there you couldn't be more safe. Especially in the Playa Mujeres area which is about 30 minutes north of Cancun. I was just there and I've sent dozens of couples and families there all year.

Playa Mujeres is on a peninsula and there are multiple check points you must go through in order to enter the ares. The First one I highlighted in yellow on the pic below and the others are at the actual gates of the resorts. There is one main road in and out. They also have a numbr of Policia that are on the beach EVERY DAY ALL DAY & NIGHT!!! They are posted in between each resort so they don't take away from your privacy.

Playa Mujers Map - Security check Points
Playa Mujers Map - Security check Points

All this being said, I would not venture into Cancun. The Hotel Zone or the City. For those that don't know these are 2 differnt areas. I would not go into Cancun the City beacuse there is really nothing there for a tourist and I don't think it's safe. I would avoid Cancun Hotel Zone because I'm not a drunk spring breaker looking for a club and I don't want to get harrased by locals trying ot sell me stuff.

Be smart and cautious when you travel. Don't go out alone, especially at night!!!!

Do Americans stop flocking to New Orleans year after year because they are scared they will get murdered???? NOOO!

And you are 4 times more likely to get murdered there than youare in the ENTIRE country of Mexico!

Homicide Rates - US Cities vs Mexico
Homicide Rates - US Cities vs Mexico

The last thing I wanted to note was the recent change in the "Travel Advisory" was NOT due to the recent murders in Cancun. The Media loves to stir things up and report complete nonsense if it helps them make $$$.

"The portion of the travel advisory that was updated this week had to do with the ability of government personnel to travel to and from downtown Ciudad Juarez. Ciudad Juarez is a border city that is a more than 2,000-mile drive from Cancun."

You can read the article here...

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